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Boob or Bottle ? ?

Your baby has just been handed to you, all wrapped up and you’re in awe of what you created in your own body. That amazing feeling followed by the direction of “lets try feeding”. The instinct is get that boob out, (I mean it’s already out, but that’s not the point) and start the breastfeeding journey. Now for a lot mummies out there, this IS the preferred option, or at least to try and see how it goes BUT for some — it isn’t. 

And you know what folks - THAT’S OK! 

Where did this guilt come from that your baby needs to be breastfed only? Why are bottles so frowned upon? I feel we need to look at where we are today (as women in society) and see that a bottle is just as convenient and natural to some as whipping the boobs out. Don’t get me wrong — I think it’s amazing that a) our bodies can create humans, b)formulate nutritious milk c)multi-task to new levels of extraordinary. Breastfeeding is superb, mother’s are superb, but so are alternative choices. 

Breast is best may be the case for some mummies but 2 months down the line when your body is exhausted or you’re reaching the limit of trying to pump or wake up every few hours to feed while applying nipple cream and counting down the limited time you may have before the next feed is due, MAY just may cause the desire to add in some alternatives. For the mum’s that reached out to me for this scenario, it pains me to see and read the anxiety you went through in making this decision. The guilt associated with ‘not coping’ or ‘not being enough’ — it’s so far from the truth. Bottle or boob or BOTH, as long as you are nurturing, loving and providing for your child, well done to YOU.

I want all the mums i’ve had the luxury of supporting to know that you are so amazing and motherhood needs to be as guilt free as possible - Life is simply far too short!