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Gentle and effective sleep solutions for babies. 



Running a household with kids can be like spinning plates. And sometimes - no matter how well intentioned you are, no matter how much you plan - it just doesn't work. Meals don't get out on time. Kids melt down from fatigue. Vegemite gets smeared on your work blouse! 

Consider Bianca the ship captain you need to help navigate the household back into smoother waters. From meal planning to toddler management she'll tailor a schedule for your growing family that's easy to implement and above all, effective. 



Remote consultation $150

This gives you the opportunity to talk Bianca through your chief concerns, and receive a practical set of solutions to address the issues at head. 

Package includes: 

    •    1 hr consultation via Skype, or preferred communications platform 

    •    Tailored report with routines and tips to address issues  raised in consultation 

    •    2 weeks of email contact with Bianca for any support in implementing strategies 


Face to face $250

Sometimes you just need to sit down and chat about something in person. This package gives you the opportunity to show Bianca around your home, introduce her to the family and give her a first-hand view to the dynamics at play. 

Package includes: 

    •    2 hr face to face consultation 

    •    Tailored report with routines and tips to address issues raised in consultation 

    •    2 weeks of email contact for any further support

  • Household consultation services are suitable for the whole family

  • While Bianca will endeavour to visit anyone who needs help, her maximum travel distance is 15km from Bondi, Sydney. If you're unsure about whether that leaves you out of the loop, feel free to drop her a line. 

  • Beyond the allocated email support, further consultation required with Bianca will be charged at $100 per hour.